Vogue Knitting: The Learn-to-Knit Book

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Anyone can learn to knit—and who better to learn from than the authorities at Vogue Knitting? With this ultimate guide, you will learn all about yarn, needles, patterns, and, of course, those two basic stitches: knitting and purling. Follow along with beautiful step-by-step photographs that teach how to cast on, bind off, and knit up a collection of stitches ranging from basic stockinette to basket weave, bobbles, cables, and more. Links to video instruction are included for a complete how-to experience. Aspiring knitters will be able to put their new skills to use with more than 20 accessible, stylish patterns taken from the pages of Vogue Knitting magazine, which include beginner staples like scarves and hats, as well as beginner friendly shawls and sweaters. Must-have info on getting into the knitting groove abounds throughout for a complete learning experience, creating a guide that is truly the ultimate for beginners.

The editors of Vogue Knitting magazine
Flexibound • 128 pages