Pinecone & Gemstones Stitch Markers


These pinecone and gemstone stitch marker sets are made in-house. They feature a ring that fits up to a US 10.75 | 7.00mm knitting needle.  

We have made every effort to take an accurate photo for colour. Colour accuracy will vary by device.  


  • Includes one stitch marker pinecone charm with an amethyst and aventurine bead accent, one amethyst and aventurine stitch marker, one amethyst stitch marker and one plain loop stitch marker with a small glass Japanese bead accent.
  • Amethyst beads are flat and approximately 0.80mm in diameter
  • Aventurine beads are facet cut and approximately 0.50mm in diameter
Gemstone Information

Aventurine is most commonly green but also comes in shades of blue, red, orange, grey and brown. Aventurine's meaning is prosperity and confidence. Aventurine crystal is the heart healer. “Anahata” is the name of the heart chakra to which it is linked and this functions as an activation site for feelings of love, compassion, gratitude and inner peace and harmony. 

Amethyst is considered the most powerful and protective stone. It is often used in jewelry and for healing. It has been sought after throughout the ages for its stunning colors and ability to stimulate the mind and emotions.