Modern Crochet: Patterns & Designs for the Minimalist Maker

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After a year of writing, designing, and pattern testing...I am so excited to finally share my book with you! Each time I sat down to write Modern Crochet, I tried to imagine the dream resource I wish I had on day one, and the one I wish to consult in my office today.

For first-time crocheters, I recalled the things that held me back, that made the craft seem intimidating and unappealing, and the teaching techniques that helped me learn the most. For seasoned crocheters, I reflected on the hacks that I felt differentiated my work, the resources that I consult time and time again, and the ways I pivot and add nuance to existing skills to get more modern results. 

I hope this book finds you exactly where you are, inspires you with exclusive new patterns, and empowers you on your maker journey.

Author of Modern Crochet, Founder of DeBrosse

Hardcover • 175 pages