Little Bow Fibre Company Project Pouch

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These little sacks are the fabric equivalent to the yarn bowl but with the added bonus of also being a project pouch. Use this small cotton pouch for bringing work on the go and  protect your yarn anywhere you go because who hasn't had yarn roll all over the floor?

These 100% cotton pouches feature a drawstring closure so your yarn can be safely held inside while the working end easily slips through the opening as you work without getting caught on snaps or zips. The perfect size to carry up to 3 cakes of yarn and your current work in progress.


  • 100% eco-friendly, unbleached, biodegradable cotton bag
  • Drawstring closure
  • Hand stamped w/ archival ink
  • Approximately 9" x 12" | 23cm x 30cm


Machine wash cool, lay flat to dry. This may go in the dryer on lowest heat setting but may shrink.