Imperial Scissors - Dragon & Phoenix

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With a dragon and phoenix moulded on the handles, the Imperial Scissors feature an engineered button and ultra-sharp blades.  The blades are crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel and are put together by hand.  They come in a protective felt case.

Comfortable Handles

  • East Asian-style handles have larger openings and a bent handle shape, providing more room particularly around the thumb opening.
  • In comparison, the European-style handle (what we are used to in North America) has smaller openings and usually has a very articulated thumb opening.
  • The large shape of the East Asian-style handles make even the smallest Imperial Scissor comfortable in the hand.
  • The blades are perfectly aligned, allowing them to cut through fabric effortlessly.
  • Ambidextrous handles allow them to be used in both the left and right hand.
  • People with arthritis tend to prefer this style of handle.

Recommended Use

These scissors can be used for cutting paper, thread, fabric, yarn, lightweight leather, or canvas. They're the perfect scissors for everyday use, or even as a display piece! 


  • Keep blades cleans from dust and fibre will prolong their lifespan.
  • If scissors start feeling stiff, clean the blades and apply oil (such as sewing machine oil) to the blades and in and around the button, working it in by opening and closing the scissors a few times. 
  • The oil can be left on the scissors preferably for a day (minimum half-day) before wiping off.

LDH Scissors 10 Year Warranty

All LDH products are guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturer's defect.  If you experience failure due to a manufacturer's defect, please review the conditions of the LDH Scissors 10-Year Warranty here for more information.