Luxury XL Poms - ONLINE ONLY

Type: Pom Pom
Colour - Galliano
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These luxury handmade poms are made of 100% high quality, faux fur. Available in multiple colours. These poms come with a string attachment.  These poms measure from approximately 6 - 8" in width, (measuring from tip to tip).  See details below for specific colour / size options available.

Click a swatch circle above to bring up the matching photo for that colour variant. Colour accuracy will vary by device.


  • Pull the strings through the knit or crochet wear and tie it on the inside / wrong side of your garment
  • To remove, simply untie your pom
  • Approximately 6" size available in Baileys, Cotton Candy, Fireball,  Guinness, Hennessy, Pink Bubbly, Pink Whitney
  • Approximately 7" size available in Raspberry Ice
  • Approximately 8" size available in Amaretto, Galliano, Golden Oak, Pink Lemonade
Care Instructions
  • Untie your pom, wash and dry your garment, then re-tie your pom
  • This will keep your pom fresh and damage free
  • If you find your pom fur gets flattened re-fluff using a low heat blow dryer
  • Be careful not to use high heat as this may damage the faux fur