Betina Etui

by muud
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This is the perfect accessory for keeping interchangeable needle tips and cords organized.

The case is designed with 23 compartments (plus a small snap pocket on the outside), giving you ample space for your supplies.

The case is handmade from soft, quality leather that closes with a snap to ensure your tools and notions stay inside the case when you place it in a bag. The snap can be closed at 2 places allowing you to choose the option that fits your content.

Leather is a natural material, and its appearance may vary from product to product. Due to the nature of real leather and the gradual fading process of the leather dye, this product will become more unique during wear. The article is made from natural leather with no finishing treatment, which makes it more sensitive to color transfer. It is advised not to wear light colored garments or use light colored materials in combination with this product as some color rub-off is to be expected.

Colour accuracy will vary by device.


  • Made of genuine leather
  • 11 large pockets, for wires
  • 14 smaller pockets, for interchangeable needles
  • Adjustable, two-snap closure
  • Shoulder strap: No
  • Lining: Polydrill with a smooth surface to ensure easy maintenance
  • Contents featured in pouches are not included
  • Length: 13 cm | 5 inches
  • Height: 18 cm | 7 ½ inches
  • Width: 5 cm | 2 inches
  • Water-based leather cleaner is recommended for cleaning.
  • Brush off or wipe down your bag to remove loose dirt and dust.
  • Clean with water-based leather cleaner as per manufacturer instructions.
  • muud water-based leather cleaner can be found here - Care & Clean Effektiv Cleaner